Rafnar - The story behind the hull


Rafnar is the brain child of an Icelandic businessman, Ossur Kristinsson.
A keen boater, Ossur wanted to fix the problem of high speed boats bouncing and slamming when underway in anything other than calm seas.

Typically, high speed boats use a principle called planing to lift them from the water in order to reduce drag and allow for speed and efficiency.  The downside to this design is that what goes up, must come down, often with a heavy landing.  Traditionally, in order as to reduce this slamming effect in harsh weather, planing hull craft need to reduce speed to maintain any level of comfort. 

For users in a rush, or for tactical users such as the Police, Military, SAR teams or Coastguard services, slowing down because it is rough is not really an option.
The result can be a broken boat, or even broken crew. 

Ossur recognised that there had been limited innovation within planing hull technology for several decades.  Naval Architects had created more speed, by increasing airflow with steps or they had created a slightly softer landing by deepening the vee of the hull, but the principles still remained the same.

Instead of trying to improve on  existing planing hull technology which, he believed was flawed from the start, Ossur looked at wholly new hull concepts and in 2005 the idea of the Rafnar hull was born.

Ossur discovered a principle not used in power boats and felt it had some merit.  He went about investing approximately forty five million euros of his own personal wealth studying, prototyping and ultimately building what we believe to be the worlds finest high speed boat hull based around the "arc of circle".
In 2012 the Icelandic Coastguard and also Iceland's search and rescue service got involved with the project and in 2015 the Leiftur 1100 and Flengur 850 were born with these two organisations becoming the first clients.

Since 2015, Rafnar hulls have been gaining notoriety as something of a game changer with tactical users.  In addition, the superyacht sector, in particular explorer yachts, are realising that another "limo" is not needed and instead a "go anywhere in anything" vessel is more suited to the role.

The arc of circle literally turns previous high speed naval architectural principles upside down.
Instead of using rails and chines to lift the boat from the water, the Rafnar hull uses curved edges and shapes to create low pressure zones which hold the boat down on the water. 

However, traditional displacement hulls are limited by speed, but the arc of circle and the low pressure zones created also allow for high velocities and similar levels of efficiency to a planing hull... just without the slamming.
The results are truly remarkable and the benefits do not stop there.

Rafnar UK Limited is the exclusive UK franchise builder for the remarkable Rafnar brand.

University of Iceland
Up to 20x less slamming

"The Rafnar Hull significantly minimizes the damaging effects of wave slamming impacts. Through its unrivalled seaworthiness, stability and comfort, the Rafnar Hull redefines the accepted fundamentals of seakeeping."

Extreme Agility

There are some extremely fine machines out there.
Super fast, super slick and very capable.

However the arc of circle means that a Rafnar can enter a 360 turn at 40 knots with zero hooking or sliding and exit at 20 knots doing the whole thing in 1.5 boat lengths.

Unparalled handling in rough weather
By remaining glued to the water, the boat remains extremely safe in almost any weather.  Not just safe to be aboard, but safe at high speeds too.
Imagine maintaining 30 to 35 knots in a seastate 6.
There is no need to imagine it, a Rafnar will keep you safe.
Load Carrying

Because a Rafnar does not need horsepower to plane in the traditional sense the boat can be loaded beyond the norm with almost no loss in performance.
Carry essential cargo, crew or (for a SAR team) casualties whilst maintaining full speed safely in heavy weather.

Rafnar UK Limited is registered in the UK, company number 11874585, VAT number 323 2114 58
Registered Office: Office 4 | 219 Kensington High Street | London | W8 6BD | UK